ScriptPhD Elemental expertise. Flawless plots. Mon, 28 May 2012 04:44:07 +0000 en From The Lab: Pharmaceutical Documentary a Blueprint for Hollywood Science Storytelling <![CDATA[“It’s like a war. You don’t know whether you’re going to win the war. You don’t know if you’re going to survive the war. You don’t know if the project is going to survive the war.” The war? Cancer, still one of the leading causes of death despite 40 years passing since the National Cancer [...]]]> New Comic-Con Documentary Celebrates Fandom and The Rise of the Geek <![CDATA[Every July, hundreds of thousands of fans descend upon the city of San Diego for a four-day celebration of comics, sci-fi, popular arts fandom and (growingly) previews of mainstream television and film blockbusters. What is this spectacular nexus of nerds? Comic-Con International, of course! From ScriptPhD’s comprehensive past coverage, one can easily glean the diversity [...]]]> REVIEW: Wide ‘Awake’: New Sci-Fi Series Takes on Sleep Science <![CDATA[As far back as last summer, when pilots for the current television season were floating around, a quirky sci-fi show for NBC called Awake caught our eye as the best of the lot. Camouflaged in a standard procedural cop show is an ambitious neuroscience concept—a man living in two simultaneous dream worlds, either of which [...]]]> Go Red For Valentine’s Day <![CDATA[In years past, Valentine’s Day has been a fun chance to explore the more lighthearted aspects of science, as pertains to matters of the heart (such as our post on the ideas and guides to forming heart-healthy habits. 4. Impact the next generation. I cannot stress strongly enough how much the problems plaguing Western nations [...]]]> Editor’s Selection: Lab Coats in Hollywood: Science, Scientists and Cinema <![CDATA[Read through any archive of science fiction movies, and you quickly realize that the merger of pop culture and science dates as far back as the dawn of cinema in the early 1920s. Even more surprising than the enduring prevalence of science in film is that the relationship between film directors, scribes and the science [...]]]> REVIEW: Contagion <![CDATA[“Don’t talk to anyone, don’t touch anyone.” The austere slogan of the new film Contagion mirrors the gripping subject matter of the latest addition to the pandemic disaster movie club. One of the most science-oriented films to be released in the last few years, Contagion follows the path of several scientists, public health workers, and [...]]]> REVIEW: The Last Mountain <![CDATA[About a year ago, a little publicized, unheralded documentary named Mountaintop Removal (which reviewed) attempted to deconstruct the environmentally devastating practice of the same name literally destroying the Appalachian geography of West Virginia’s coal river valley. Honest, yet modestly shot and produced, the small-scale documentary needed a Hollywood touch to resonate on a human [...]]]> Top 10 Science and Technology Game Changers in Film <![CDATA[I was recently watching Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, the sequel to the Oscar-winning 1987 financial cautionary tale. In the middle of a movie that had nothing to do with science, the lead character started explaining the financial investment potential of a national research facility loosely based on the ultra-exclusive National Ignition Facility in Livermore, [...]]]> Podcast: Designing California Science Center’s ‘Ecosystems’ Exhibit <![CDATA[Approximately a year ago, the California Science Center added a 45,000 square foot permanent exhibit called ‘Ecosystems,’ nearly doubling the size of the museum. Ten years in the making, at a cost of $165 million, ‘Ecosystems’ manages to impress visually and scholastically. recently got a private tour and in-depth guide of the ambitious exhibit [...]]]> Interview: Michio Kaku and The Physics of the Future <![CDATA[Dr. Michio Kaku recently consolidated his position as America’s most visible physicist by acting as the voice of the science community to major news outlets in the wake of Japan’s major earthquake and the recent Fukushima nuclear crisis. Dr. Kaku is one of those rare and prized few who possesses both the hard science chops [...]]]>