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Eat a proper and balance diet and choose foods that encourage collagen production. Soymilk and soy products contain genestein, which provides soy the ability to produce collagen. Dark green vegetables such as kale, spinach, collards, and asparagus are rich in Vitamin C and aid in collagen production. Green and black olives, cucumbers, and celery are foods which contain sulfur and help produce collagen. Other foods that help with collagen production are red vegetables and fruit, avocados, tuna, salmon, almonds, cashews, and pecans.

1) As stated above, let some time and nature place their course. This really is slow going and won't eliminate them completely. They'll Homemade Acne Mask eventually fade (after possibly years) to a slight faintly discoloration of the skin.

Stretch marks, called striae, are in fact scars that have occurred in the dermis layer of skin due to quick skin growth due to fast weight gain.  These scars may start out as dark discolorations and could evolve with time into silver lines or streaks.  The texture of this skin is different than those Homemade Acne Mask of normal skin and could be treated with topical removing stretch marks creams that are designed to reduce scars as well as striae.

#2- E vitamin Oil

Promoting the elasticity of the epidermis by nourishing it with good diet and nutritional choices might help. Do you remember mother suggesting to drink lots of water? It's important for the healthiness of your baby and can help keep the skin supple and much more unlikely to build up stretch marks. Caffeine will increase your risk of developing stretch marks. If you must drink caffeine drinks, coffee or tea, make sure your water intake matches or exceed your caffeinated drink intake.

Pregnancy: The main reason that ladies have marks on their own breasts is due to pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. This can be a hard aspect to get accustomed to if you are not educated regarding how to reverse marks or know why you got them. marks during pregnancy and breastfeeding result from alterations in your breasts, when you become pregnant your breasts will get larger, so when you complete breastfeeding your breasts can get smaller. The changes inside your breasts will cause the skin to loosen or tighten, accordingly. Many newly pregnant women believe that putting oil in your breasts, or lotion will reduce your chances of marks, this doesn't work. Homemade Acne Mask These marks are created in your outer layer of skin, however the inner layer. If you are searching for any sure method to reverse marks, there are lots of excellent products that are said to work wonders with regards to marks in your breasts.

Mandarin (organic - Natural Support: emotional stability, menstruation, stretching skin, calm
Lavender (organic) - Natural Support: skin healing, bruising, shock, sleep & calm
Geranium Rose - Natural Support: skin care, nerve tonic, emotional stability, woman's tonic
Palmarosa (organic) - Natural Support: rejuvenation, irritations, blemishes
Evening Primrose (organic) - Naturally supportive carrier Oil: Hormones, skin care irritations
Avocado (organic) - Supportive Carrier Oil: skin care,skin irritations, mature skin

With this in your mind, the only real way to lessen the appearance of striae distensae scarring would be to help the skin repair itself, by boosting the production of collagen. Despite a checkered past in dealing with stretch marks (mainly due to marketing ineffective moisturisers as stretchmark cures) the cosmetics industry has recently develop some very effective products in order to repair stretch marks.