home remedies for Stretch marks

Home Remedies for Stretch marks #1 Natural aloe-vera gel - A vintage remedy for many skin-based ailments, including sunburn and acne, aloe vera is arguably the greatest remedy for Stretch marks because of its impressive levels of vitamins C and E. Simply apply some natural aloe-vera gel to the impacted areas every morning, ensuring it has time for you to soak in to the skin and dry. The gel's healing properties can help discolor the marks and, in time, possibly remove them altogether.
Natural home remedies for Stretch marks #2 Warm olive oil - Olive oil's high amounts of vitamins A, K, and D make it a popular choice for treating Stretch marks, since deficiencies in these nutrients can deepen their color. Since natural aloe-vera contains two vitamins without olive oil (vitamins C and E), some people prefer to combine natural aloe-vera gel with warm essential olive oil to create a vitamin-rich 'supercure' for particularly prominent marks.
Natural home remedies for Stretch marks #3 Cocoa butter - Loved because of its anti-aging and anti-wrinkling properties, cocoa butter is also effective at treating Stretch marks since its ability to moisturize the skin helps improve blood circulation, thus improving the skin's natural elasticity. Unlike aloe vera gel, which can be applied once each day, cocoa butter ought to be put on the affected areas at least two times each day, ideally once each morning and when throughout the evening. It's especially potent if applied after a warm shower.

Homemade Stretch Mark Remover Recipes

In some cases, it may be necessary to combine certain oils with vitamins to create the maximum effect in removing Stretch marks. One extremely effective home recipe is really a concoction made from avocado, lavender and chamomile oils, combined with the contents of vitamins A and E capsules.
Home Remedies for Stretch marks Fast #1 – Fresh lemon juice: lemon is really a remedy you can use both to treat Stretch marks and scars. It contains the substance and hydroxide acid; an ingredient that can be found in lots of of the creams which are used against this problem. This ingredient dissolves dead cells and renews your skin.
Natural home remedies for Stretch marks Fast #2 – Carrot puree: Steam carrots until they become soft enough to mash making a paste. Apply the paste onto the area where they're stretch marks and let it take as long as possible.