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Here at, we are increasingly aware of science and technology that provides solutions to the stresses and threats facing our global environment. As part of a new series we are launching called “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, we are committed to bringing you coverage of the best “green initiatives”, especially those relating to the entertainment industry. With the help of the newest addition to the family, talented European filmmaker Svetlana Dekic,’s first video production is a filmed interview with environmentally-conscious company Based in Hollywood, CA, is seeking to reinvent the way we buy and sell screenplays by establishing the first free online screenplay catalog service that directly connects writers worldwide with Hollywood production companies–all without having to print a single sheet of paper! Our interview, under the jump. was extremely fortunate to sit down for a one-on-one interview with Daniel Riser, the energetic, visionary young founder and CEO of Among our topics of discussion: the extent of paper waste within the entertainment industry,’s approach to mitigating this environmental problem, and their role in the future of digitally-based film production. will be officially launching their catalogue, with all capabilities described in this interview, in the next two weeks. Los Angeles-based writers and industry professionals are encouraged to visit their booth at the Screenwriting Expo October 15-18.

A full, unedited version of our interview is available here: Part I and Part II.

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9 thoughts on “INTERVIEW:”

  1. That was very well done and very informative about what truly being green in Hollywood means. I hear all the time about how schools and teachers waste paper, to the extent where they have to buy their own to offset rising costs and dwindling education funds, but I’ve never really take into account the sheer amount of paper screenplays produce on a daily basis. I found this interview eye-opening and rather brilliant, and I sincerely hope Hollywood takes to and the wonderful work they’re undertaking.

    1. Thank you so much! I really feel the same way as you. In fact, as Mr. Riser pointed out, paper waste is sort of the ugly step-child of the environmental movement; it just gets lost in the fray at some point. I think they’re going to take off like hotcakes, and just like how the technology of how we shoot, market and edit movies had to change, so too will how the first basic step of the process is undertaken.

      Really appreciate the feedback, and thanks for mentioning schools. I’ve noticed a similar pattern at academic institutions.

  2. Very interesting interview. I’m really inspired by the initiative that has taken to reduce paper waste in Hollywood – keep up the green reporting!

    1. Thanks Zack for this really wonderful feedback!

      We will be sure to pursue many other green stories in the future–it’s the future of science/technology applications, that’s for sure!

  3. Really would have been a lot nicer if the guy had any follow-through. has disappeared with a HUGE database of screenwriter contacts. VERY UNCOOL.

  4. I want to sort of retract. The company is still very much at fault, but the blame does not fall at Daniel Riser’s feet from what I can surmise.

  5. Well that was a huge success… it’s down already!

    I was hoping for a proper database to store my scripts as a means to make them available to readers. I also wanted this to be a backup of all my scripts. Since it’s gone without a trace, so are my backed-up scripts.

    We can’t have trust in the internet when websites can’t be held responsible for NOT supplying the service they intended. Sad, I could have used Greenwriter, but the group interested in it is just too marginal compared to e.g. Facebook. It would have taken years to establish itself. Would have been worth it, too.

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