The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious; the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. —Albert Einstein

What is ScriptPhD.com?

Founded in May, 2009 by scientist and creative writer Jovana J. Grbić, ScriptPhD.com is the first all-inclusive outlet covering science and technology across the spectrum of entertainment, media and pop culture. We’re a different kind of blog because we proudly view science and technology from a unique perspective. We want to delve into the deepest corners of television and film to explore portrayal of science and scientists. We want to know what makes the creative minds behind the best science advertising campaigns in the world tick. We want to start conversations that reverberate about the issues and technology that affect our lives and world today. Above all else, ScriptPhD.com seeks to entertain and educate an audience hungry for sophisticated mainstream science content. More broadly, we want to create an online interface for the scientific, entertainment and media communities—a place to gain insight into each other’s worlds while interacting on an accessible platform.

Embracing a fresh multi-media approach, our formats range from video pieces to audio podcasts to more traditional written articles, reviews and interviews. We’ve even been known to step outside the ScriptPhD Lab to cover geeky gatherings such as Comic-Con, the World Science Festival, and lecture panels that catch our attention. Under the leadership of head writer and editor Jovana J. Grbić, ScriptPhD.com has boasted contributions from a range of accomplished recurring and guest authors, including screenwriters, scientists, professors, filmmakers, journalists, and entertainment consultants. We look forward to welcoming more bright writers and creative talent as we continue to burgeon and evolve.

Since our launch, ScriptPhD.com’s impact has resonated beyond the digital sphere and into the entertainment/media industries. From Warner Brothers tweeting ScriptPhD’s review of Hubble IMAX as the official face of the movie to Hollywood’s Writers Guild of America naming ScriptPhD.com to their April 2010 hotlist for outstanding new media content, our fervent dedication to excel and inform has been rewarded with positive recognition from our colleagues, peers, and readers alike. Read more about ScriptPhD.com in the media and what people are saying about our blog and consulting services.

What does ScriptPhD.com write about?

We are fueled by all aspects of science and technology in pop culture, irrespective of messaging medium. As such, on ScriptPhD.com, you’re equally likely to read about Star Trek as you are actual star treks. Whether you are new to ScriptPhD.com or would just like to peruse our work more selectively, we encourage you to explore the site categories listed on our homepage. Although we have provided more detailed classifications there, some of our favorites include:


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Where else can you connect with ScriptPhD.com?

With a strong (and growing) web presence, ScriptPhD.com offers many opportunities to connect, enjoy our musings and learn about the latest and greatest science and technology exploding in our creative lab:

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How can you sponsor ScriptPhD.com?

ScriptPhD.com boasts a smart, sophisticated, diverse audience that occupies an influential niche in the growing online marketing target segment. Our readers are curious, tech-savvy, involved and most importantly, they’re voracious consumers. ScriptPhD.com provides a perfect platform for your company, product or site to attract thousands of unique people each month interested in science, technology, gadgets, film, television, media, entertainment, and advertising. If you feel you fit under our umbrella and would like a sponsorship opportunity, contact us to discuss a proposal package, including banner ads, per-post hotlinking, or full site sponsorship.

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